Eine Auswahl von Coversongs aus unserem Set:
(Die Links verweisen auf Clips auf unserem YouTube Kanal.)
Demons Eye - Deep Purple Cover
Mistreated - Deep Purple Cover
Smoke On The Water - Deep Purple Cover
Perfect Strangers - Deep Purple Cover
Temple Of The King - Rainbow Cover
Hall Of The Mountain King - Rainbow Cover
Radar Love - Golden Earring Cover
Help - Beatles Cover
Wishing Well - Free Cover
July Morning - Uriah Heep Cover
Sunrise - Uriah Heep Cover
Doctor Doctor - OFO Cover
Faith Healer - The Sensational Alex Harvey Band Cover
Rockiní In The Free World - Neil Young Cover
Hey Hey My My - Neil Young Cover
Tush - ZZ Top Cover
White Room - Cream Cover
Fire Water Earth & Air - Jane Cover
The Chain - Fleetwood Mac Cover

Eine Auswahl von eigenen Songs aus unserem Set:
(Die eigenen Songs sind alle abspielbar.)

Nightfear - Live
Marakesh - Live
Six Gun Lover - Live
Rosy - Live
Highway Rider - Live
Jolly Roger - Live